We're proud of how hard we work to support others reaching their goals, and we understand that you want to be confident in your investment into your health.

Here are a few snippets from some happy customers over the years.

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"Tricia is amazing! She not only fully understands fitness, but she makes it fun and makes you want to achieve the best results. Tricia is full of positive energy, loaded with expert fitness information and will lead you to the best results of your life. I only wish Tricia was in San Diego so I could continue the great work we started in Norfolk. Thanks, Tricia!!"

-Mike Feyedelem, Commanding Officer, U.S. Navy, Training Support Center, San Diego, CA


"Could not have asked for a better instructor, more motivated, friendly and professional."



"Excellent from start to finish. She will do well in this field. Her interest in EVERY individual is evident and very important. Keep it up."

Seminar 13 Member, Joint Forces Staff College


"Tricia did a great job rebuilding our injuries. Pushed us to push ourselves and made it fun. She is a pleasure to train with."



"Tricia deserves kudos for ability to remember names, act interested in each individual, always give of her time and treat each client as their favorite client while working with them."



"Tricia is a SUPERB motivator. Fantastic programs... achieved marked results."



"Tricia's smart, professional, motivating and always optimistic."



"Tricia is great and and provides encouragement to achieve my goals. Don't change a thing!"